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*develops new crush* *looks up star sign compatibility instead of actually talking to them*

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a guiding hand that has your best interest at heart

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When Rae broke up with Finn, she said it was best they broke up now rather than later when they were both be in too deep. What she didn’t realize is that Finn already was. I think we all can say that Finn had feelings for Rae before she did for him. So those feelings had developed way before hers for him did. Even shown here, where they aren’t together you can see the feelings are still as strong as ever. I mean, his current girlfriend at the time is literally standing next to him and is even bumping shoulders with him but it’s like she’s not there, non-existent. All because the girl that holds his heart in the palm of her hand is currently walking away with another man.

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Don’t break a writer’s heart and think ink won’t spill.

Ten Word Story #38 - M.D.L (via mingdliu)

I will reblog this every time I see it

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what to do if u dislike a tumblr blogger:

  • unfollow them
  • done








"these kids"


At some point maybe they will realize they need to make him stop doing interviews. Or at least limit him to questions he can answer with “poop”.

It think he tried…

…and failed dismally

Like, he’s been to a few cons. Surely he realises that the people who go to cons are the same people who write fic and that they aren’t ‘kids’?

Surely by now they’ve realised that they should only let Hoechlin out to do interviews. And maybe a few of the others with (his) supervision. But never Posey. Just, never. 

MTV do employ actual PR people, right? /facepalm

No he didn’t fail. You just don’t like his fucking answer.

I don’t think he means “these kids” disparagingly. Go watch the fucking video for context and stop finding reasons to complain about every damn thing he does. Like I can’t take a bunch of fucking assholes insulting his intelligence in all these roundabout ways and still thinking themselves high and mighty enough to make comments like this. Tyler Posey spent the weekend answering questions putting all his heart into it and you’re trying to find something bad about what he’s saying here even though he literally just said that he thinks what the fans do with fanfiction is great. 

Like the Teen Wolf fandom is made up of mostly high school kids and people around his age. I don’t think saying “these kids” is a problem. I really don’t think he means “these children.” I find it strange that people need Posey to take every single thing into consideration every time he talks or does something and when he doesn’t (because it’s fucking impossible) suddenly he’s a fucking unintelligent barbarian that they should keep in a cage. He can’t win for fucking losing with you people.

literally get the fuck over yourselves. 

Teen Wolf is overwhelmingly written for and marketed to teenagers and even though adults do watch it (myself included) the majority of it’s fan base are, in fact, teenagers. So if you have a problem with him saying “these kids” especially when it’s obviously in a positive light, that’s not a PR problem, or a Posey problem. That’s just your problem.

Y’all do realize that there are people (myself included) who call people who are older than them “kids”, right? Like I commonly say that my dad’s bff is “a good kid” even thought he’s 20+ years older than me. If Posey wants to call me a kid, I’m fine with it. Stop trying to adult so hard.

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↳the Little Mermaid and her Prince

"Do you not love me the best of them all?" the eyes of the little mermaid seemed to say, when he took her in his arms, and kissed her fair forehead.

"Yes, you are dear to me," said the prince; "for you have the best heart, and you are the most devoted to me; you are like a young maiden whom I once saw, but whom I shall never meet again. I was in a ship that was wrecked, and the waves cast me ashore near a holy temple, where several young maidens performed the service. The youngest of them found me on the shore, and saved my life. I saw her but twice, and she is the only one in the world whom I could love; but you are like her, and you have almost driven her image out of my mind. She belongs to the holy temple, and my good fortune has sent you to me instead of her; and we will never part."

“Ah, he knows not that it was I who saved his life,” thought the little mermaid. “I carried him over the sea to the wood where the temple stands: I sat beneath the foam, and watched till the human beings came to help him. I saw the pretty maiden that he loves better than he loves me;” and the mermaid sighed deeply, but she could not shed tears. “He says the maiden belongs to the holy temple, therefore she will never return to the world. They will meet no more: while I am by his side, and see him every day. I will take care of him, and love him, and give up my life for his sake.


oh my god


oh my god

I can never do it, unless I look away. [x]

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Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Acoustic Version)

i want to die to this

panic! + music video titles


"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison